Anyone still using this Hexyz Force Page at all?

I'm replaying Hexyz Force again for like the 5th time. 1 because I really enjoy the uniqueness of this game, and 2 because there is enough to do to keep me entertained for a while with New Game + and Hard Mode. I've noticed this site is missing a lot of information. I was slowly updating things as I came a crossed them when I thought about it, and finally just made an account. I have been making listed of different info that is missing so I could start adding some of the stuff that is missing. Sadly I noticed it doesn't seem like anyone else is using this info or even interested in this game anymore. I don't want to spend hours saving and reloading, charting things, ect if no one is ever gonna use any of the data. If a few people reply that they are interested then I'll keep working on everything, but if not I'm just gonna give up... Fingers crossed this isn't a totally dead board on here like on Gamefaqs. If this game can get enough attention again maybe we can try to get a remake of a prequel/sequel for Hexyz Force... or at least another RPG game with a very similar game system. Fingers Crossed!