Aspect Pearl Light
Primary Wielder Luffina Gemini
Other User(s) anybody
Location Initially equipped
MAX Tech 6
MAX Power 151

The Divine Orb Algenteria (神珠アルゲンテリア?) is an orb Ragnafact of the Aspect divinities. It is Luffina Gemini's primary Ragnafact inherited from Aliete the Seer (求道のアリエテ?).

Skill LV RP Power Type Description
Bolt Strike 0 0 Force Item's basic skill, bolt attack on 1 foe.
Little Wish 1 2 Assist Randomly increases 1 ally's status.
Plasma Wave 2 16 Force Bolt attack against all foes.
Recall Spirit 3 15 Restore Restore consciousness to 1 ally.
Binding Sphere 4 11 Assist Inflict Paralysis upon all foes.
Dispel Light 5 13 Assist Cancel all foes' status buffs.
Ball Lightning 6 27 Force 2-Hit bolt attack on all foes.
Electro-Cute Burst 2 Force Adorable bolt attack on all foes.
Twinkle Heal Burst 2 Restore Heal all allies & restore some RP.