Jp divine aspects

The Aspects Tutorial (JP version)

The Aspects and Elements (神性と属性?) are the 3 attributes of the Hexyz Force universe.

The aspects are: Crimson Lotus, Cerulean Flame, and Pearl Light, represented by colored symbols; red, blue, and white respectively. In battle mode, the aspect follows an elemental triangle, showing which aspect is stronger against.

  • Crimson checks Pearl
  • Pearl checks Cerulean
  • Cerulean checks Crimson.

Alongside Aspects exist eight different elements; these affect what enemies drop when used to kill them, and have their own checks and balances system to them. These elements are associated within the Skills.

In addition, there is another Aspect/Element: the Void, whereas a few bosses and monsters rarely use this. It breaks the Hexyz Charge when used.