Japanese Name アズール
Age  ????
Race Human
Home  ????
World  ????
Role Villain
Weapon Staff

Azul (アズール, Azūru?) is one of the main villains against the Hexyzs, being the main antagonist on Cecilia's side.


Being sadistic and sarcastic, he constantly belittles the heroes and confesses to enjoying causing their loved ones pain.

Even though he and Philia are extremely intelligent (having out-smarted Norvia and Delgaia once), they act very childishly when under stress.


A being who resembles a child, but is said to be the sole reason humans overstepped their bounds. He is responsible for introducing teachings to the people that rival the gods. He is also the mastermind behind the actions of Virtus and Faust in their quest for god-like power and knowledge. He had a hand in Cecillia's mother's death.

Living in Azul's dark magic is Galiza. Galiza is a being that Azul partnered with whiled sealed away by Delgaia. Galiza sympathizes with Azul's hatred towards the gods and also believes that the gods simply want mankind to stay under their thumb and never progress beyond them. Azul and Galiza only show compassion to Philia who kept them company while they were sealed away.