Bahn Lehving
Japanese Name バーン・レヴィング
Race Human
Home Rosenbaum Empire
World Darkness
Role Enemy
Weapon Dark Revalens
Voice Yuu Yaguchi (JP)

Bahn Lehving (バーン・レヴィング, Bān Revingu?) is one of the Cerulean Knights and Levant's best friend, before being branded a traitor. Born as a commoner, he enlisted into the Rosenbaum Knights, where he eventually rose to the ranks of the Cerulean Knights, trustworthy knights by the Emeperor's side.

During the raid of Gultchfort, he ends up being killed by Levant. He was later revived by Faust as his underling puppet to face off the gathered Hexyzs in a final confrontation. After he was defeated, Bahn managed to regain back his senses, and sacrificng himself for Levant and the others to go after Faust and Axel. While Bahn's death remains off-screen, his Dark Revalens remains beside the throne until Levant returns and wields it in his honor.