Choas chamber entrance
The Chamber of Chaos (混沌と破壊の間 Konton to Hakai no Hazama?) , or Chaos Chamber, for short, is the extra dungeon of the game after clearing it. By its name, it's a single dungeon with a varying map where the entry & exit point is randomly determined. More importantly, the map is determined by which way the Force Vessel is tilting, or which ending you're achieving: Creation, Destruction, of Neutral.

If there is a good reason to enter, is the rewards which depends in which way the Force Vessel is tilting. Upon entering the Chaos Chamber, there will be a single chest in the room. Its location is the same every time, depending on which version of the room you got. After collecting the chest three times with a single map, each subsequent run will only reward a Nightmare Gem. Here are the potential contents of the chest, depending on which way the vessel is tilting.

  • CREATION: Rainbow Tiara, Special Pouch, Radiant Headband
  • NEUTRAL: Savior Chain, Goddess Robe, Hero's Cape
  • DESTRUCTION: Venus Guard, Light Trinket, Goddess Necklace

BE WARNED, if you get caught in battle, the chest disappears. So grab the chest, before the enemies grab you. To make things harder, there are also several traps to slow you down (damage spikes, red grass, etc.)

New Game +Edit

Playing a New Game+ will bring ultimate equipment that cannot be crafted or otherwise found.

  • CREATION+: Shining Crown, Holy Winged Orb, Tai Chi Headband
  • NEUTRAL+: Legendary Garb, Royal Mantle, Brilliant Robes
  • DESTRUCTION+: Spinel Turban, Elven Barette, Skolg's Horn


  • NOTES: F001 = Forcefact #001, S001 = Spiritfact #001, R01 = Ragnafact #001.
Item # Item Name Found at Ending
F001 Tai-chi Headband Creation, New Game+
F002 Spinel Turban Destruction, New Game+
F003 Radiant Headband Creation
F013 Shining Crown Creation, New Game+
F014 Elven Barette Destruction, New Game+
F015 Rainbow Tiara Creation
F025 Skolg's Horn Destruction, New Game+
F032 Royal Mantle Neutral, New Game+
F033 Legendary Garb Neutral, New Game+
F034 Hero's Cape Neutral
F047 Brilliant Robes Neutral, New Game+
F048 Holy Winged Robe Creation, New Game+
F049 Goddess Robe Neutral
F106 Light Trinket Destruction
F112 Savior Chain Neutral
F127 Venus Guard Destruction
F133 Goddess Necklace Destruction
F140 Special Pouch Creation


  • Bandhavgarh
  • Black Mariah (Light)
  • Dopplegangers (Axel, Cecilia, Ciel, Griek, Ignus, Irene, Levant, Luffina, Rafael)
  • Colossus (Bolt)
  • Coy (Fire/Bolt)
  • Hornblende (Water/Bolt)
  • Kaizer Mantis (Fire)
  • Sallos (Light),
  • Winecke
  • Wyrm
  • Yanluo (Fire/Light)


  • The tilting of the Force vessel depends on how much a Ragnafact (Creation) or Dark Ragnafact (Destruction) is being used.
  • Making use of the time here is a last opportunity to change the ending.
  • Its the best location for leveling up, even with the Dopplegangers scaling to your current party level.
  • Killing 20 Dopplegangers will give you the "Force Eater" title.
  • The Illusion Cloak and Peace Mantles will not help disillusion the enemies in this chamber.