Japanese Name シエル
Age 18
Race Elf
Home Spirit Forest
World Darkness
Role Ally
Weapon Divine Bow Luftshetelune
Voice Minori Chihara (JP)

Ciel (シエル Shieru?) is a Hexyz who inherited the force of Ellge the Loving and wielded the ragnafact Luftshetelune, and one of Levant von Schweitzer's party members in Hexyz Force. She was an Elf warrior who once lived quietly in Elven Forest. She is also Natulle's younger sister. Also, during Cecilia's story mode, she joins twice: The first one is that she joins temporarily while Luffina Gemini isn't there and the second one is finally permanently again with Levant and his friends.


Ciel is a timid Elf warrior who lives in the Spirit Forest, and the guardian of its Monolith. Because she’s an Elf she’s actually older than she looks. While she is painfully shy in social situations, she is a very skilled archer on the battlefield although she hates the sight of blood.

Character StatusEdit

While Ciel lacks in strength and defense, is remedied for being the most agile and accurate hitter in the game. Though her attacks are fairly weak, she has a slew of field-wide Skills with Luftshetelune and Olfelt.


  • Levant: While elves and most non-human races are against humans, Ciel fully trusts him when she witnessed him being presented the Holy Sword at the game's beginning.