Let's Play Hexyz Force 57 (Levant) - The Best of Both Worlds

Let's Play Hexyz Force 57 (Levant) - The Best of Both Worlds

This page lists the requirements to get the true, Neutral Ending for either character.
  1. Selecting the correct dialogue choices throughout the story. This involves trial and error to figure out the correct balance. To do things faster, just pick whatever you choose.
  2. In addition to above, its optional to do any of the following ending requirements without retracing back from having to save and load repeatedly.
  3. If following the above, its imperative to do THIS final check before the final battle.
  1. Obtain all the Dark Ragnafacts if possible.
  2. Find all 6 Stigald Fragments. NOTE: some will require playing a New Game+.
  3. Return to the Chamber of Chaos for item-collecting. Make sure to checklist for the correct items, cause they will change randomly for every time you enter, AND any of the 3 endings can alter that. To find the neutral ending, find the correct items.


  • The final boss is Force Necrious
  • Choosing this ending will result in the Final Phase's title card saying The Truth of Berge (ベルジュの真理).[1]