Faust Schnizer
Japanese Name ファウスト・シュナイゼル
Race Human
Home Rosenbaum Capital
World Darkness
Role Villian
Weapon Olfelt
Voice Shouhei Sagiya (JP)

Faust Schnizer (ファウスト・シュナイゼル Fausuto Shunaizeru?) is one of the main villains on Levant's side of Hexyz Force, and a major antagonist ot the whole story.


According to his profile, Faust is to be considered as the Empire's most brilliant mide. But underneath, he can be very sadistic and insane, as he contains no little regard about lives when he doesn't hesitate to use others for his evil experiments. This is shown when Luffina was kidnapped and brainwahed to do his bidding, and later revealed during Natulle's actions as Velvet, with Axen unaware of the latter.

Game StoryEdit

As the story phases for both heroes, it was revealed he was the one responsible for Natulle's transformation as the evil Velvet. He was one of the previous wielder of the Diving Harp Olfelt, surviving for centuries to revive the Destruction God, Delgaia with Azul, and plunge the world into destruction.