Let's Play Hexyz Force 57 (Levant) - The Best of Both Worlds

Let's Play Hexyz Force 57 (Levant) - The Best of Both Worlds

The Force Necrious (フォルス=ネクリウス?) is the last (and true) boss of the game, if following the Neutral ending. At first appearance, it is accompanied by 2 other enemies, the Creation Vessel (ヴェゼル(創生)?) and Destruction Vessel (ヴェゼル(破壊)?).

  • ASPECT: In Order: Force (White), Creation (Blue), Destruction (Red)
  • Location: Holy Land Lambent
  • HP: 77777, 5000, 5000
  • WEAKNESS: None

Game InfoEdit

The Guardian of Chaos before the existence of Creation. As its name defines, it is the origin of life and gods. The Force Eaters within the Tower of Judgement share its affinity.


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Attacks Edit

  • Crieruf - Single earth attack via main body.
  • Defense - Single attack via Vessel of destruction, dealing around 400 damage.
  • Virage - Counter when attacking both main body and vessel: Reduce HP to 1, inflicts fear.
  • Equacion - 4-hit ice damage, total around 1100 damage.
  • Evangile - Revive defeated vessels
  • Fragrance - Inflict multiple status effects
  • Conviction - Grants DEF and SPR up
  • Adrecure - Damage all parties. Damage increases the more status effects the target has. Status effects disappears after hit.
  • Viveride - Heals one vessel or main body
  • Analyze - Remove buffs from ally
  • Arbitol - Attack all parties, around 2000 damage.
  • Fatalite - Single attack via Vessel of Creation.
  • Triomphe - attack via main body.


Everytime Force Necrious use Fragrance, you have to find a way to cure party of status effects to prevent elevated damage from Adrecure's additional effect so Ragnafact/Spirifact with healing capabilities needs to be brought into the battle. Be sure for each member to have Orb of Hope primarily to recharge lost RP and/or Ragnafacts with Rp-healing capability like Necrozauwar's Ragnadrain, Dark Rassfelds Sacrifice/Ragnasucker and Dark Revalens' (hard mode only) Ragnasiphon since the battle will take a long time especially when you're in hard mode where the HP doubles.