Japanese Name グリーク
Age 34
Race Lygar
Home Gultchfort
World Darkness Side
Role Ally
Weapon Divine Claw Runeslave
Voice Hirokazu Miura

Griek (グリーク Gurikku?) is a Hexyz who inherited the Force of Grepes the Red-Bearded. He is a proud warrior of the Lygar Race, and captain of the Argent resistance.


Griek is a fierce and incredibly strong Lygar warrior. He is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Griek's greatest loves are battle, and the Lygar concoction known as lygarwasser. While he as his own race despise the humans, he has an understanding side to listen when Levant and Irene joins their side.

Character StatusEdit

Griek is the slowest character in the game, but boasts the best strength and defense, and probably the most adaptive of wielding most Ragnafacts. His Berserk Burst, coupled with his Ragnafact's skills, make him the best when it comes to wiping out enemies in general.