Hexyz are warriors who have inherited the Force of the Divinities. There are three Divine Pillars and twelve Minor Pillars, all in all there are fifteen Hexyz.

List of HexyzEdit

Divine PillarsEdit

The Three Divine Pillars are Hexyz whose Judgment will decide the fate of Berge. When the Maiden of the Staff, the Hero of the Sword and the Brave of the Spear has been awaken, Delgaia, the God of Destruction will arise from his slumber and The Hour of Judgment will begin.

Name Main Ragnafact Aspect Inherited from
Cecilia Armaclite Holy Staff Riafalt Pearl Light Palfina the Bringer of Bounty
Levant von Schweitzer Holy Sword Krauvando Crimson Lotus Argent of the Shining Blade
Axel Faulken von Rosenbaum Holy Spear Bluebaide Cerulean Flame Illnada the Glorious

Minor PillarsEdit

The Minor Pillars are Hexyz whose role is to support the Three Divine Pillars while traveling to the Holy Land of Lambent.

Name Main Ragnafact Aspect Inherited from
Rafael Gemini Divine Greatsword Grantein Crimson Lotus Dualis the Whirlwind
Luffina Gemini Divine Orb Algenteria Pearl Light Aliete the Seer
Ignus Divine Mace Vandild Crimson Lotus Skolg of Flame
Irene von Rosenbaum Divine Sabre Shinecrail Pearl Light Verse the Healing Light
Griek Divine Claw Runeslave Crimson Lotus Grepes the Red-Bearded
Ciel Divine Bow Luftshetelune Pearl Light Ellge the Loving

Hexyz with unknown Force of DivinitiesEdit

Some Divinities didn't have inheritors or exact inheritors. But they can still use Ragnafacts.

Name Ragnafact Original Divinity Aspect Where To Get It
Gardner Brant Divine Book Necrozauwar Rivelias the Blissful Pearl Light Depends On Story
Faust Schnizer Divine Harp Olfelt Dauro the Wise Cerulean Flame Upper Tower
Virtus Divine Axe Devasti Draglos the Proud Cerulean Flame Gultchfort
Velvet/Natulle Divine Scythe Monklein Corneo the Steel Blade Cerulean Flame Upper Tower
Cemnal Divine Dagger Incaross Luo of the Dawn Clouds Crimson Lotus Altair
Phantasm Divine Mechanisum Grendle Terial the Iron Wall Cerulean Flame Upper Tower