Jp hexyz charge

Hexyz Charge Tutorial (JP version)

The Hexyz Charge (エクシズ・チャージ?) is a linking chain showing Aspects may begin to grow during battle, located right near the turn indicator. It increases the amount of damage dealt by the nextmove by the percentage shown.

The charge is built when a character, whether enemy or ally, uses a skill that is either the stronger or same Aspect as the previous skill used. At the start of the game, HC can only go up to 150%. While the game story's progresses, it will eventually increase to 300%, and by the end, reaching at 999%.

The trick to HC is to break the chain before the enemy gets a turn in - some attacks are downright lethal against your characters when damage yes doubled. The disadvantage might having to skip one character's turn, but a good chance avoiding hit by a highly powered-up attack from the enemy.