The Holy Vessel

The Holy Vessel

End of phase judgement

The Holy Vessel (聖器ヴェゼル?) is a divine chalice scale that equalises all the living Forces of this world. The God of Creation Norvia, channelled this vessel for the genesis of the world. The Force (フォルス?) is a spiritual, binding, and omnipotent substance that constitutes all the living matter in the World of Berge. Human innovation has harnessed the Force as energy which resulted in Force Arts (理術), a variety of magic spells with phenomenal outcomes.

Prior to the story, all the points are accumulated into the holy vessel, passing the judgement at each phase. This corresponds to the progress of the game, determined by the ending path of choice. There are but 2 different aspects of Force.

Creation Force (創生のフォルス) Edit

Following the nature of creation and birth, its a force inhabited by the wise and intelligent who the religion of Berge divinities. How the essence is strong, is reflected by joy, love and other positive emotions.

Destruction Force (破壊のフォルス) Edit

A cataclysmic power of chaos and destruction, any ordinary life that comes in contact suffers both physical and mental abnormalities. Worst case scenario, the affected could deform and mutate with the possibility of losing free will. Its essence is reflected by rage, hatred, despair and all negative emotions.