Japanese Name イグニス
Age 1600 years old
Race Drake
Home Dragon's Abyss
World Lustrous Side
Role Ally
Weapon Divine Mace Vandild
Voice Kazuki Shimizu (JP)
Kirk Thornton (US)

Ignus (イグニス, Igunisu?) is a drake Hexyz who inherited the Force of Skolg of Flame, Divinity of the Crimson Locust, the true wielder of the Ragnafact Vandild, and one of Cecilia Armaclite's party members in Hexyz Force. He is one of the chosen leaders of the Drakes whom have inherited the force of Skolg, the other being Virtus.


Ignus is a kind and honorable Drake. He is respectful to almost everyone he meets, adding honorifics like sir or lady to most people's names. He loves listening to the stories of others; in fact, he spends ten years listening to Philia's stories inside the Mother Worm. He is also dedicated to his race, however, and when Virtus turns his back on the Drakes, Ignus makes it his personal mission to stop him.

Character StatusEdit

Like Griek as being the best powerhouses, Ignus has high HP and decent Strength and Defense. Due to the fact Ignus does not receive his true Ragnafact until endgame, he relies on dispensable Spirifacts and Devasti in battle, making him great for landing hard (if not some-what inaccurate) blows. His affinity is with Fire, due to his dragonic nature as fire-breathers.