Irene von Rosenbaum
Japanese Name イレーネ・フォン・ローゼンバウム
Age 18
Race Human
Home Fort Faulken
World Darkness Side
Role Ally
Weapon Divine Sabre Shinecrail
Voice Rie Tanaka (JP)
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (US)

Irene von Rosenbaum (イレーネ・フォン・ローゼンバウム Irēne fon Rōzenbaumu?) is a Hexyz who inherited the Force of Verse of the Healing Light and one of Levant von Schweitzer's party members in Hexyz Force. She is the first princess of the Rosenbaum Empire, but is unable to inherit the throne because she doesn't carry the Faulken name. She is the childhood friend of Levant and the younger sister of Axel.


Being of noble birth, Irene can sometimes be demanding. She is also compassionate and cares a lot for Levant after their childhood experience stimulated the events of Levant's dark Forced-self.

Character StatusEdit

Irene is built for using Skills in battle; many of her fencing attacks with Shinecrail focus on taking on columns of foes with the White aspects. With extremely high dexterity, she has the best accuracy when it comes to hitting flying enemies, outside of spellcasting.