Item # Name Location Found
S018 Swiftray RECEIVED: Elda at Palfina [C]
S019 Nobleray Altar of Nervel [C], Granad Cavern [L], Spirit Forest [L]
S020 Grandray HARVESTED: Outside Tower 5 Orb [L]
S021 Bravedge See Item List/Spirifacts
S022 Regaledge Altar of Nervel [C], Palfina [L - neutral]]
REWARD: "Beginner's Agony" arena battle
S023 Grandedge Ravena Castle [C], Tower of Judgement Monolith
S024 Eternova Gultchfort [L]
RECEIVED: from Elda at Palfina, Griek at Fort Faulken
S025 Queenova Inside Mother Worm
S026 Divinova Fort Faulken [L] [C - hard]
HARVESTED: Inside Tower 5 Orb [C]
S027 Edenova Gultchfort [C]
S028 Blazecane Inside Tower 1 [C]
S029 Hydracane Altar of Nervel [C]
S030 Aerocane See Item List/Spirifacts
S031 Gaiacane Inside Mother Worm
S032 Sanocane Dragon's Abyss when switches in Endless Sands are blue, Palfina [L]
RECEIVED: Griek at Fort Faulken
HARVESTED: Outside Tower 4 Orb [L]
REWARD: "Survivors" sidequest [C], "One You Must Overcome" arena battle, "Below Us" side quest [L]
S033 Aidcane See Item List/Spirifacts
S034 Leoraid See Item List/Spirifacts
S035 Rexraid Granad Cavern, Inside Tower 3 with Levant [C]
REWARD: "Victory is an Obligation" arena battle
S036 Granraid Dragon's Abyss when switches in Endless Sands are red
S037 Ragnaraid Altair (neutral), Upper Tower of Judgement
S038 Malleus Initially equipped on Ignus
Lake Soleil [C]
S039 Mallady REWARD: "The Trail" arena battle
Lake Soleil [L]
S040 Admonisher Found at Gultchfort [C], Ravena Castle (x2) [L]
S041 Devastator Found at Inside Tower 12 [C]
S042 Soothsong REWARD: "Infinite Nightmare" arena battle
Spirit Forest [C], Ravena Castle [C], Gultchfort [L], Fort Faulken [L - creation] [c - creation/hard]
S043 Aidsong Lake Soleil [L], Upper Tower of Judgment
S044 Bandage Orb Palfina (x2) [C], Spirit ForestPhase 1 (x2) [L]
S045 Stitch Orb Lake Soleil, Endless Sands, Altar of Nervel [L]
S046 Surgery Orb Altair, Fort Faulken [L] [C - hard], Upper Tower of Judgment
S047 Vitality Orb Black Precipice, Inside Tower 4 [C]
S048 Invigorating Orb Endless Sands, Spirit Forest [C], Fort Faulken, Outside Tower 2 [L], Palfina [L - destruction], Outside Tower 8 [L]
S049 Orb of Wisdom Palfina [C], Altar of Nervel [C], Dragon's Abyss [C - creation] [L - destruction] Spirit Forest [C], Granad Cavern [L], Outer Tower 10 [L], Altair [L - destruction], Fort Faulken [L - destruction] [C - destruction/hard]
REWARD: "Force Collector" title
S050 Orb of Hope Palfina [C - creation], Inside Mother Worm after "Need Food" sidequest, Inside Tower 8 [C], Fort Faulken [L - neutral] [C - neutral/hard], Palfina [L - creation], Outside Tower 8 [L], Ravena Castle (force), Altair (creation), Upper Tower of Judgment, Holy Lambent

REWARD: "Ballroom Blitz" arena battle, "True Warrior" title
HARVESTED: Inside Tower 12 Orb [C], Outer Tower 9 Orb [L], Outer Tower 11 Orb [L]

S051 Curative Orb Palfina [C - destruction]
S052 Miracle Orb Palfina [C - creation], Upper Tower of Judgement
S053 Life Orb Palfina, Altar of Nervel, Denmail Highway, Granad Cavern, Outside Tower 4 [L], Dragon's Abyss [L], Spirit Forest [L]
S054 Resurrection Orb Dragon's Abyss [C], Granad Cavern [C], Ravena Castle [C], Palfina [L]
S055 Purifying Orb Palfina [C - Neutral], Inside Tower 6 [C], Fort Faulken, Sealed Library [L]
S056 Power Orb Lake Soleil [C], Fort Faulken, Granad Cavern [L]
S057 Defense Orb Palfina [C - destruction], Altar of Nervel [C],Fort Faulken, Palfina [L]
S058 Swift Orb Palfina Cathedral [C - neutral], Altar of Nervel [C], Upper Tower of Judgment
S059 Strength Orb Palfina Cathedral [C ], Dragon's Abyss, Ravena Castle, Outside Tower 6 [L], Outside Tower 3 with Cecilia [L], Upper Tower of Judgment x2
S060 Protect Orb Granad Cavern [L], Palfina Cathedral [L]
S061 Haste Orb Ravena Castle
S062 Igneous Orb Outside Tower 4 [L], Fort Faulken [L] [C - hard]
HARVESTED: Inside Tower 3 Orb, Outside Tower 3 Orb [L]
S063 Aqua Orb Palfina Cathedral [C], Ravena Castle [C]
S064 Aero Orb See Item List/Spirifacts
S065 Gaia Orb See Item List/Spirifacts
S066 Electric Orb Altar of Nervel [C], Outside Tower 2 [L]
S067 Lux Orb Inside Tower 6 [C], Upper Tower of Judgment
HARVESTED: Outside Tower 4 Orb [L]
S068 Knight's Sword Initially equipped on Levant