Levant von Schweitzer
Japanese Name レーヴァント・フォン・シュヴァイツァー
Age 19
Race Human
Home Rosenbaum Kingdom
World Darkness Side
Role Main Protagonist
Weapon Holy Krauvando
Voice Satoshi Hino (JP)

Keith Silverstein (US)

Levant von Schweitzer (レーヴァント・フォン・シュヴァイツァー Rēvanto Fon Shuvaitsā?) is one of the two main protagonists in Hexyz Force. He is the Hexyz who wields the Holy Sword Krauvando and inherits the force of Argent, the Pillar of Crimson Lotus and became one of the Three Divine Pillars. He is often called Leon by Irene, Emperor Axel, Bahn & Ulu. At the end of the story, Levant and Irene were married and inherited the Rosenbaum Throne.


Levant is a noble and trustworthy knight. He is friendly but sometimes cautious. He is a proud swordsman before he left the Rosenbaum Empire. His majesty, Axel's wish for co-existence with the Halbmenschen (non-humans) drove him to build up his own views for peace between races.

Character StatusEdit

Levant has some of the most balanced stats in the game, while being the most adaptive to wield most Ragnafacts. With Krauvando and his final Burst, he is great for taking on bosses with his multi-hit moves.


  • Cecilia : They are both one of the Three Divine Pillars. And both are determined to save Berge from destruction.
  • Axel: They are both one of the Three Divine Pillars. They're childhood friends.
  • Irene : Levant was Irene's bodyguard and childhood friend. Levant described themselves as "just a princess and her knight", but was more than that.
  • Ulu: Levant's animal friend. She helps Levant by making them Forcefacts and finding unusual spots.
  • Griek: They initially don't see each other eye to eye due to the human-halbs conflict. Nevertheless, Griek saved Levant from the Empire's Prison with Irene, proving his willing to trust.
  • Ciel: While elves and most non-human races are against humans, Ciel fully trusts him when she witnessed him being presented the Holy Sword at the game's beginning