• WHEN: Phase 2 (Ceci), Phase 4 (Lev)
  • WHO: Infatuated Youth
  • WHERE: Palfina Cathedral Entrance
  • REWARD: ???


Talk to the Infatuated Youth just east of the temple entrance. He'll ask forseveral items that you'll need to give him:

  • Narcissus (Harvest Point @ Altar of Nervel; palm trees - take secret path to get them)
  • Rock Lizard Stew (Bizarre Recipe, found outside Gardner's house)
  • Star Sand (several Monolith Harvest Points)

Your reward? 'Whenever you feel the cosmic force of love,' just go see him for 'a few expert tips.' You can give him other items than the ones listed there, but his story will end up with only rejection if you do.


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