Aspect Pearl Light
Primary Wielder Ciel
Other User(s) Cecilia Armaclite
Luffina Gemini
Location Initially equipped
MAX Tech 5
MAX Power 158

The Divine Bow Luftshetelune (神弓ルフトシュテルン?) is a bow Ragnafact of the Aspect divinities. It is Ciel's primary Ragnafact inherited from Ellge the Loving (深慈のエルジュ?).

Skill LV RP Power Type Description
Aimed Shot 0 0 Physical Item's basic skill, hits 1 enemy.
Eagle Eye 1 7 Physical High accuracy attack on 1 foe.
Piercing Arrow 2 11 Physical Attack against a column.
Icicle Shot 3 11 Force Water attack on 1 enemy.
Blaze Shot 3 12 Force Fire attack on 1 enemy.
Gale Shot 3 13 Force Wind attack on 1 enemy.
Arrow Rain 4 19 Physical Hit attack on all foes.
Tinkerbell 5 13 Force Attack 1 enemy.
Shooting Star Burst 2 Force Attack against all enemies.