Monolith Fragments
When First visit (Cecilia), Phase 6 (Levant)
Who Scholarly Elf
Where Granad Cavern
Reward Various (see below)
List of Sidequests


In Ceci's story, you can access Granad Cavern by talking to the Lycan south of Gulden's room in Gultchfort.

In the cavern, check for the green dot. Talk to the elf, who will want colored fragments from the destroyed Monoliths. You can bring him fragments multiple times for multiple rewards.

Monolith Fragment Reward
Fallen City Altair Blue 2x Arnon Gem
Dragon's Abyss Yellow 2x Stardust
Spirit Forest Green 5x Taurine Apple
Palfina Cathedral White 2x Prism Fruit
Tower of Judgement Prism* 1x Nightmare Gem
Fort Faulken Black 2x Eladah Tear
Altar of Nervel Red 2x Energy Mist


  • For the Black Fragment, returning there is impossible if you're not on Hard Mode, so you need to pick up the Fragment on your first visit.
  • Most people wouldn't know where the Tower of Judgement's monolith actual location. Go to the portal to Floor 11, walk to the exit like usual. The Monolith lies ahead, although you must save first as the fragments are RARE items.


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