Japanese Name ナチュール
Race Elf
Home Spirit Forest
World Dark Berge
Role Support/Villian

Natulle (ナチュール?) is an Elven Hexyz like Cemnal and Ciel (her younger sister). She was to wed Axel, but was assassinated instead.

Unknowingly in the shadows, Faust revives her with the Forbidden Arts and brainwashes her into a sadistic dominatrix. She assumes the name Velvet (ベルベット?) and works as Faust's minion. She is tasked to break the monoliths and controls some of the Rosenbaum army.

Like Axel, her brainwashing is tied to a mask she wears. Though even when removed, the spell isn't completely broken. Cecillia becomes greatly annoyed with her due to her scantily clad dressing style and sociopathic nature.