Upon completing either path once, you will unlock New Game+ and Extra Mode. You can then continue into the other path, where some things will be inherited. After completing both paths, Hard Mode will be unlocked. Here is a list of everything that will carry over into a New Game+ and in which mode.

List of Things InheritedEdit

  • When you reached Phase 7, your main four characters' levels (either side) will carry over to the other side when they regroup. (NORMAL)[1]
  • Leftover FP (NORMAL)
  • Main four characters' Ragnafact Levels (NORMAL)
  • Titles/Achievements (NORMAL)
  • Game Time (NORMAL)
  • All Ragnafact Levels (HARD)
  • Non-event Forcefacts (HARD)
  • All Fusion Recipes (HARD)


  1. While Ciel joins both paths, she is still considered a character on Levant's side. This also carries over to her joining in Phase 4 in the Spirit Forest on Cecilia's side.
  • If completing Hard Mode, and then New Game+ into Normal Mode, you will still retain all the benefits from Hard Mode.