Palfina Peddler
When Phase 2
Who Peddler Guy
Where Palfina Temple, Central
Reward Various (See Below)
List of Sidequests

While not an actual sidequest, dealing with the Peddler Guy is optional over the course of the game. You can find the Peddler Guy on the left side of the Palfina town square. In most phases, he will ask for an item and reward you with various items in return, most of which are very useful for crafting.

Cecilia's SideEdit

  • Phase 2 - Exchange Fire Ring for 10 Mantis Wings
  • Phase 3 - Exchange Meteor Necklace for 10 Majin Rings
  • Phase 5 - Exchange Dark Ring (element) for 10 Pelvic Fragments
  • Phase 6 - Exchange Spirit Earring for 10 Tough Talons
  • Phase 7 - Exchange Crystal Necklace for 5 Draconic Force

Levant's SideEdit

  • Phase 3 - Exchange Curse Ring for 10 Slash Feathers
  • Phase 4 - Exchange Dextrous Trinket for 10 Tiger Skins
  • Phase 5 - Exchange Light Ring for 10 Hard Rock Skins
  • Phase 6 - Exchange Tough Bandana for 25 Devil Grass
  • Phase 7 - Exchange Crystal Crown for 5 Dragon Horns


  • There is a slight glitch where he will only accept a Dark Ring fused with Black Lapis; ones you get via chest pickups won't work.


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