Hexyz Force Hard Mode (Levant) - Boss 22 Phantasma Zero-0

Hexyz Force Hard Mode (Levant) - Boss 22 Phantasma Zero-0

Phantasma Zero (Hard Mode) - Levant's Side

The Phantasma 0 is a hidden-boss found only in the Hard Mode, when re-entering Fort Faulken.


  • WHEN: Cecilia and Levant
  • LOCATION: Fort Faulken (requires Cerulean Key)
  • ASPECT: Void
  • HP: 19,998
  • EXP/FP: 60,000/9999
  • WEAKNESS: Holy Element
  • REWARD: Phantasm Alloy Master Gem


  • Quake Banker: Paralyzes the entire party
  • Drill Arm: (single)
  • Ragnadrain: Drains RP from a single character.
  • Drill Missile: Deals 2000+ damage to a single character.
  • Counter Drill: A Physical counterattack to a single character.
  • Heorot Ray: Deals 6000+ damage to a single character.


Depending on how you're prepared, but here are some insurances:

  1. FORCE ERASER: Dealing great damage on how how high the user's FP is.
  2. RAGNADRAIN: To recharge for above.
  3. ORBS OF HOPE AND WISDOM: Equip both to each character for healing the party and recharging FP for #1.
  4. DECOY DOLLS: A backup for the occasion.

Your party should consist of one healer and two attackers (One with Dark Revalens with Force Eraser learned, the other has Grendle with Force Beam). After both attackers get off a Force move at max RP, use your Orbs to restore their RP to max, then repeat until 0 falls. You may need to revive someone in between, hence a healer who can revive them.

In a traditional fight, you'll want one dedicated healer that can use Riafelt's revival move. One main attacker should have a weapon with Ragnadrain equipped. Your third member will alternate between healing and attacking. Stick Orbs of Hope and Wisdom on your party and boost their defense and attack with equips as much as you can.

Paralyze-resist accuracy might help against QB. Let your attacker fall into yellow health and spam moves that increase in damage with low HP; depending on levels, this can deal upward of 2-3k damage per turn. Radiant Strike is also nice if you find a lull to use it, which is ~2k per hit. Everyone should have at least one Res. Orb for emergencies.