The Phantasma Alpha is one of the bosses in Levant's story.


  • WHEN: Levant's Side, Phase 2
  • LOCATION: Granad Cavern
  • ASPECT: Cerulean Flame
  • EXP/FX: 3000/130


  • Drill Arm: Deals about 270 damage to one Party Member
  • Counter Drill: A counter-attack. Deals about 200 damage to a Party Member that attacked it.
  • Drill Missile: Deals about 300 damage to a Party Member.
  • Ragnadrain: Drains about 15 RP from a Party Member.
  • Quake Banker: Deals about 120 damage to all Party Members.


  1. Keep using Ciel's Eagle Eye, and Thunderstruck for Levant.
  2. For Griek, keep raising his ATK using Warcry till his FBB is full, and unleash his Burst move, Berserk. Then, use Beast Rage.
  3. If your HP ever falls below 300 because of DrillMissile, quickly HEAL.