The Phantasma Theta is one of the bosses in Ceclia' story.


  • WHEN: Cecilia's Story, Phase 5
  • LOCATION: Fallen City Altair
  • ASPECT: Cerulean Flame
  • EXP/FP: 30000/1880


  • Plasma Lance: Deals about 350 damage to a single Party Member.
  • Shield Bowgun: Deals about 250 damage to a single Party Member, and has a chance of inflicting Seal status.
  • Force Charge: Charges Force for Force Cannon
  • Force Cannon: Unleashes charged Force dealing around 700 damage to the whole Party.


  1. Important to boost status: Rafael = Gemini Boost, Ignus = Warcry. After that, keep hitting with strong physical skills like Ogre Blade.
  2. As Shield Bowgun can seal one of your party, have Cecilia in your Party, for her Healing Baton cures seal statuses. Otherwise, use Spirifacts.
  1. Right after the Force Cannon, have Cecilia use Angel Tear on your Party.