Japanese Name フィリア
Age  ????
Race  ???
Home Mother Worm
Role Support
Weapon Magic Staff

Philia (フィリア, Firia?) is the daughter of both the Goddess of Creation and God of Destruction, whom she refers to as "Mom" and "Dad". She manages to both help and tease the other Hexyz while remaining a mystery. When asked why she doesn't fully explain herself, a lot of times she replies "a woman is more interesting when she's mysterious". As an ally she provides them with knowledge no one else knows. She even seems to know the extent of Azul's power when Cecillia asks her about him. Her task though, is to simply continue the cycle of making sure reborn Hexyz gather together and reach the time of judgement, for better or worst. She even says that regardless of which they choose, Creation or Destruction, she'll be satisfied. She often refers to all the heroes by the name of the Force they inherited. She used to care for Azul and kept him company while he was sealed away for angering the gods. But now that he's resurfaced as a sadistic madman, she's broken ties with him.