Aspect Crimson Lotus
Primary Wielder Griek
Other User(s) Ignus
Location Initially equipped
MAX Tech 5
MAX Power 165

The Divine Claw Runeslave (神爪ルーンスレイヴ?) is a razor-gauntlet Ragnafact of the Aspect divinities. It is Griek's primary Ragnafact inherited from Grepes the Red-Beard (紅髭のグレプス?).

Skill LV RP Power Type Description Usable by
Scratch 0 1 Physical Item's basic attack, hit one enemy Ignus, Ciel, Griek
Predator's Bite 1 10 Physical High accuracy attack on 1 foe Ignus, Griek
Beast Rage 3 11 Physical 2-hit attack on 1 enemy Ignus, Griek
Falcon's Claw 3 13 Physical Wind attack on 1 enemy Ciel
Ferret Scratch 5 19 Physical 3-hit attack on 1 enemy Ciel
Counter Claw 2 9 Physical Guard & counter direct attack Ignus, Griek
Quickstep 4 20 Physical Attack a row of enemies Ciel
Berserk Barrage 4 18 Physical 3-hit attack on 1 nemy Ignus, Griek
Roaring Storm 5 22 Physical 3-hit attack on all enemies Griek
Berserk Burst 1 Assist Grant self 'Power', boosts all stats Griek
Lunatic Rave Burst 2 Physical 4-hit attack on 1 enemy Griek