Jp good status effects

The Good Status

Jp bad status effects

The Bad Effects

Some attacks can cause change in condition, wether its getting stronger or produces negative effects. There are 12 Status Effects (ステータス状態) in the game.

Good StatusesEdit

  • BLESS (祝福): Raises ability parameters.
  • HASTE (加速): Action Turn comes quicker.
  • POWER (強化): Increase damage dealt.
  • CHARGE (魔導): Increases damage dealt by Force Arts.
  • PROTECT (防護): Lowers physical damage received.
  • BARRIER (結界): Lowers Force damage received.
  • NULL (無敵): Negates all attacks (only enemies).

Bad StatusesEdit

  • UNCONSCIOUS (気絶): Unable ot take actions.
  • POISON (猛毒): HP falls on each action turn.
  • PARALYZE (麻痺): Action turn comes slower.
  • SLEEP (睡眠): Cannot act until awakened.
  • DARKNESS (暗闇): Greatly reduces accuracy.
  • SEALED (封印): Most skills becomes unusable.
  • FEAR (恐怖): Increases damage taken.
  • CURSED (呪縛): Reduces ability parameters.
  • CHARMED (魅了): Heals target instead of damaging.