Tower of judgement

The Tower of Judgement (断罪の塔?) can be accessed after crossing the Black Precipice: Infinite Corridor. It lies in the central between the two berges, standing as the highest peak to reach the Goddess of Creation, Norvia.

Harvesting Orbs Edit

  • While taking a different protagonist's side, you are unable to access all the floors. But on each floor for every next visit through the story, there is an item machine orb that gives items by infusing a certain amount of FP. Those orbs are Harvest Points, and produces items randomly up to 10 times, then it automatically shuts down.
  • Defeating Force Eaters give a lot of FP after battle. You can't go after them in the beginning, so its best to hold back before the final phase of the story, where your party is at their highest levels.