Yugool is Cecilia's first boss in the Tower of Judgement in her story.


  • LOCATION: Tower of Judgement, 1st Floor (Cecilia's Side)
  • ASPECT: Crimson Lotus
  • EXP/FP: 326/104


  • Flame Wall: Deals about 150 damage to a row of your Party.
  • Granite Grave: Deals about 120 damage to a single Party Member.
  • Heat Hand: Deals about 100 damage to a single Party Member.


  1. Have Cecilia take care of the Evil Wisps, and have Rafael deal with boss with Power Break or Ogre Blade.
  2. Beware for the Evil Wisp's Life Razor, cause that can deal quite a lot of damage in the long run.
  3. To avoid Flame Wall from damaging the entire party row, make sure that your Party Members are not in the same row; with Rafael being in the frontline.